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Training Services

Veterans Security Operations offers a comprehensive array of training solutions designed not only to enhance your skills but also to bolster your confidence in your capabilities. Our training portfolio includes multiple classes such as CPR, Marksmanship, and Emergency Response Training, ensuring you are well-prepared for any situation.

Available Training Classes

A Trained Community is A Safe One

Veterans Security Operations (VSO) is dedicated to fostering a safer and more resilient community through comprehensive training initiatives. We believe that by equipping individuals with essential skills such as firearms proficiency, emergency response readiness, CPR, First Aid, and AED usage, we not only enhance personal preparedness but also contribute significantly to public safety. Our diverse training programs serve a vital role in empowering individuals to respond effectively to various emergency situations, from medical crises to security threats. By imparting practical knowledge and fostering a culture of preparedness, we aim to create a community where every individual can confidently and competently contribute to maintaining safety and security. Veterans Security Operations is proud to be at the forefront of promoting public safety, and we remain committed to providing top-tier training that makes a positive difference in our community every day.

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